How to get voice chat on Roblox without id

How to get voice chat on Roblox without id Are you trying to figure out how to use voice chat on Roblox without a username? The feature has now reached  Its most recent beta phase is in August 2022 after first being public in February 2021 as a closed beta and then becoming accessible to qualified customers in November 2021. At first, users on Roblox could only utilize the voice chat feature if they were 13 years old or older and had a valid state ID. But as of right now, the system offers a second voice chat beta, letting users without IDs enjoy the much-desired feature. Learn more about this beta in the next paragraphs, including how to utilise voice chat on Roblox without logging in. How to use voice chat without an ID on Roblox As of the time this article was written, a tiny number of people were able to access the second voice chat beta for Roblox. When you enter an experience that supports voice chat, you will see the pop-up seen below if  You have been chosen to participate in t